Single deck blackjack

There are several ways to win at single deck blackjack. One of the best strategies is to use card counting. If you're aware of how the cards are dealt, you can increase your wager. Using a strategy called optimal play, you'll know the right action to take depending on the number of cards in the deck. This guide will outline the optimal plays in the following situations: hitting, standing, doubling, and pairs. In addition, you can learn the different types of cards that the house has in each of these categories.

If you're new to the game, remember that single deck blackjack pays six to five instead of three to two for a blackjack. While this may sound like bad news, many players don't view it as a negative. After all, a -0.1% handicap costs you only $1 an hour. If you're playing with two decks, it costs you about $3.50 per hour. It's also possible to double down and place another bet.

Another advantage of single deck blackjack is that it doesn't require any knowledge of card counting to play. It's as simple as using your common sense and keeping track of picture and ten cards. The casino's advantage is greatly reduced by players who can count their cards. And you can play on your mobile phone or tablet, making it a convenient and comfortable alternative for any player. So, if you're looking for a way to win at single deck blackjack, be sure to check out the tips below.

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