Battle maidens

In the Battle maidens video slot game, you'll find a courtesan who saves the emperor from a deadly disease. The emperor then changes the law to allow women to train at the Royal Academy. The battle maidens are formed by combining two of them. The first of them emerges from a curved structure equipped with razor-sharp “chakrams” and can project these blades into the air.

Battle Maidens's gameplay is fast and smooth. The graphics are impressive and the reels are adorned with various dragon-themed symbols. The theme is ethereal, so you can't go wrong with this game. It offers a 96% RTP and a medium variance. The free version has a fun demo mode and does not require a deposit. This means that you can play the game without risking any cash.

The slot game offers a unique gameplay experience, which is not always available at other online casinos. It has a hillside and a harbour backdrop, as well as symbols that are inspired by ancient mythology. The symbols are reminiscent of axes and hunting horns. The game has other themes, such as a tree of life and dragon motifs, which add to the storyline. You can play Battle Maidens for free to see how it plays.

The game features a special feature that allows you to purchase your own bonus round. This feature is a very unique option in online slots. Instead of being stuck with one set of bonus rounds, you can purchase your own, which allows you to play the game with as many or as little money as you want. With Battle Maidens, you can customize your own bonus round to suit your own needs and preferences. Once you're ready to buy a bonus round, you can load up the game with the ‘Spin' button to play.

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